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Surface Agency’s expertise will transform your company into a digital powerhouse.

Digital Marketing

We will formulate a digital marketing strategy to tackle your company’s specific growth challenges by incorporating our digital expertise and proven data-based decision making process.

Digital Media

We can assist your company with digital media strategy to achieve positive ROI and incorporate the latest digital media trends to help your company access new digital growth opportunities.

Data & Analytics

Data has never been as vast and accessible as it is today. We will use data to support every decision we make from learning more about your customer to forming digital strategy and measuring success.


Surface Agency empowers companies with the ability to achieve self-sustaining digital growth.

More Details

Digital Analysis

Full scope assessment of company's current digital standing

Digital Analysis

We’ll work with company stakeholders and gather all available data for analysis to surface digital growth opportunities

Digital Strategy

Build a digital strategy to meet company goals and recognize tangible growth

Digital Strategy

After we’ve analyzed your company’s data and identified opportunities for growth in digital, we will build a strategy with action items to achieve set goals.

Digital Technology

Developing and applying the best technology for your business needs

Digital Technology

We will work together to determine if company hardware or software is hindering your company’s ability to recognize digital growth.

Digital Operations

Application of employee knowledge and skills to digital operations

Digital Operations

Your company’s digital growth plan is set and now it’s time to execute. We’ll make sure your workforce has the knowledge and skills necessary for digital operations.



Meet with business stakeholders to understand company goals, how success is measured (KPI’s), and what key resources are available or lacking in order to reach those goals.


Work with company data and third-party research to surface new growth opportunities and build a strategy to access them with established action items and timelines.


Execute data-driven action items against the set strategy, providing updates to stakeholders and making adaptive changes where report data shows opportunity.


If development work is involved, our team will run a testing phase. Stakeholders will be encouraged to participate and contribute feedback to ensure a smooth delivery.


Deliver on all executed tasks and measure digital strategy effectiveness against KPI’s. Establish process and timelines for continued digital strategy analysis to achieve desired growth.

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