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Digital Analysis

The digital world moves pretty fast so it requires a continual process of analysis, application, and assessment to take advantage of new growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

Any information your company has recorded on how a visitor browses your site to purchasing behavior and campaign performance can present an opportunity for growth. Our company can run through this data, surface the insights and opportunities, then create an action plan that delivers digital growth.

Digital Strategy

Strategy formation in digital can be an overwhelming prospect for companies. We can help you answer the question of which digital avenues are right for your company’s business channels, target markets, products and/or services to achieve tangible growth.

Surface Agency approaches strategy formation with a structured decision-making process that’s informed by digital experts and supported by data. Our goal is to help your company setup this strategy and adapt this process to your needs, which will have your teams continuously evaluating and implementing new digital opportunities.

Digital Technology

How is your company using advertising, digital marketing, and reporting technology to enhance customer experience, simplify internal processes, and open new digital business channels?

Surface Agency can help your company find the right technology for your needs, set up the technology to align with your teams and processes, then train your teams on how to use it for optimal performance.

Digital Operations

At the heart of every successful company are skilled employees. If your company’s digital strategy is set and the right technology is in place then success will boil down to how well your employees can execute tasks to achieve company goals.

In a fast-paced digital marketplace, employees must continually develop their knowledge and skills to stay on top of digital opportunities. Surface Agency can provide training in digital areas to prepare your workforce for digital business and keep them ahead of the competition.